Welcome to Spanking Schooldays, the adult site that offers old school style punishment services and more in an authentic classroom.

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Is a one-to-one service for disobedient students in need of the strict tuition and guidance that the headmaster excels in.
Is for the private hire of the schoolrooms for spanking parties, filming or one-to-one sessions etc.

This is Whipstock Grange a private day school, where you can spend the day in full school uniform living out your school fantasies. All students sit at desks for lessons, bad behaviour or poor schoolwork will result in a sore bottom from the schoolmistress! Enrol to-day.
Here you can purchase school uniform, canes, straps and other spanking related items.

Here you can catch up with life at Whipstock Grange with our quarterly magazine.

Meet the staff at Whipstock Grange

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