Strict experienced headmaster available for disciplining troublesome pupils.
I am available to administer old school style punishments to disobedient boys, girls or boy-schoolgirls. This is usually on a one-to-one basis but couples are welcome. I insist that full school uniform be worn so if you don't have one they are available for hire. Prior to the start of your detention we will discuss your needs, some like lots of spanking others enjoy hard caning, it helps the flow if I know what you prefer and how you like it, or you can just leave it all up to me. Please note No sexual services.
We then enter the classroom you choose a desk and sit down, you may have a note from your teacher or Housemaster as to why you have been sent to see me, if not I will inform you of what punishments you can expect to receive. If I find fault with your attire, I will bend you across my lap to administer a good spanking with my slipper, over uniform to begin with but at least 12 strokes on your bare bottom! I may test your knowledge of maths or history and punish you according to the results. You can expect to spend some time in the corner bare bottom on show, hands behind your back wearing the dunces cap. Apart from the many punishments you will receive during the detention, you will, before you leave bend over to receive 'six of the best' on your bare bottom with the senior cane, and I mean THE BEST!! The thought of this impending thrashing is a psychological punishment itself. Of course if you are not able to return home with marks on your bottom we will skip the last 'six'
I offer one or two hour detentions in my authentic school in Waterlooville, Hampshire. It is well equipped with pupil desks, teacher desk, punishment canes, blackboard, plus much memorabilia of school days, it is safe, secure and away from the street. I have been active in the spanking scene for many years, have both written and appeared in many spanking films and thoroughly enjoy the school role-play. My fee is £100 for one hour or £150 for two hours. A deposit of £30 secures the booking. Uniform hire is £15
Couples : 1 hr £150   2 hr £200
So if you desire to reach back to your school days when naughtiness was rewarded with a sore bottom. book your own detention class now and leave the rest to me, but remember to address me as Headmaster or Sir..........or else!!!!!!!!

Detention Class
Detention Class is different from the Headmaster's Detention (which is a private one-to-one detention). This is for naughty boys who would like to take part in a class with other boys.
The whole class is on a three hour detention for disobedience etc and each pupil can expect to be put over the Headmaster's lap for a good spanking. Other punishments you will experience are leather strap, slipper and cane, to be administered over your short grey trousers and bare bottom in front of the class.

Exam papers finished, the Headmaster will now thrash any boy who failed to reach the 75% pass mark. At the end of school each boy will report back to the classroom for a final caning in private. You will lower your trousers and pants, then bend over, touch your toes to receive 'six of the best' on your bare bottom before you go home.

The school fee is £130. If you need uniform you may hire for £15   Deposit £30

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