Quality Handmade Leather Straps
Thick Leather Tawses These beautiful straps are hand made from good quality leather, the design is based on the traditional Scottish Tawse. Not all that long ago straps just like these were in common use in schools and many homes in Scotland. These straps have been fashioned on the type made by John Dick of Lochgelly and became known as the Lochgelly Strap. They had the letter M, H or XH stamped on the handle to denote medium, heavy of extra heavy. Believe me you didn't want to be stood waiting for a taste of a XH Lochgelly!!!
Thick Leather Tawses SS_801
They are available in the three weights/thickness as described above. As you can see, the pound coins in the picture above give you an idea of how thick these straps are. However this is an approximate guide only, as leather being a natural material, the thickness cannot be precise. The length is approximately 24 inches, except for the small strap (13 inch) which is ideal for using with the naughty culprit over your lap!

The prices are;
M = £60
H = £75
XH = £95
13 inch = £25
To order any of the above, email spankingschooldays@live.co.uk for details of payment and availability
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