SS_101 Flogger SS_101
Luxury leather flogger with 12 braided tails, you will love owning and using this, feels good too! 32 inch   £36
SS_102 Flogger SS_102
A 31 inch leather flogger with 15 stinging tails to whip up a frenzy!   £34
SS_103 Flogger SS_103
A lovely soft Red suede flogger with approx 50 tails, at 15 inch is short enough to use otk   £32
SS_104 Flogger SS_104
Black super soft 27 inch suede flogger. This is so soft it will take your partner to heaven and back. With approx 90 gentle tails and leather handle it’s great value at   £28
SS_105 Flogger SS_105
Black leather 21 inch flogger with approx 40 tails giving a medium sting, chrome handle with chain loop.   £40
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