All my canes are made in house from genuine imported rattan, the shaft is smoothed and the tip rounded off for safety. Straight canes are priced according to the handle type.

Our standard cane sizes are as follows (lengh is in inches, thickness in millimetres) ....

J = "Junior" - A light cane, can be very short for use over the knee. 17" to 24" by 7 to 8mm
M = "Medium" - The perfect cane for general use. 27" to 36" by 9 to 10mm
S = "Senior" - A very heavy cane with real bite, for the brave only!! 28" to 36" by 11 to 13mm

All my standard canes carry an additional postage and packaging charge of £6
We can also supply Dragon Canes with the handle designs listed below. These are much denser canes and therefore deliver a serious sting. Please add £5 to the standard prices illustrated below.

Some canes can be made to order (length and thickness e.t.c), but this depends on the handle style required. Contact us for more information on bespoke canes.

SS_01 Cane SS_01    £30
SS_02 Cane SS_02    £35
SS_03 Cane SS_03    £35
SS_04 Cane SS_04    £35
SS_05 Cane SS_05_01 Junior    £18

SS_05_02 Medium    £25

SS_05_03 Senior   £30
SS_06 Cane SS_06    £35
SS_11 Cane SS_11    £50
Chrome handled Dragon cane
size 'M'
To order any of the above, email for details of payment and availability
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